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  • Cubicularius — Cubicularius, Hellenized as koubikoularios (Greek: κουβικουλάριος), was a title used for the eunuch chamberlains of the imperial palace in the later Roman Empire and in the Byzantine Empire. The feminine version, used for the ladies in waiting of …   Wikipedia

  • Parakoimomenos — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda El parakoimōmenos (en griego: παρακοιμώμενος, lit. El que duerme junto [a la cámara del emperador] ) era una posición de la corte bizantina, pasando por un tiempo a ser uno de los más altos cargos del imperio… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Eunuchs —    Castrated males. In Byzantium (q.v.), from the reign of Constantius II (q.v.), they traditionally held high positions in the state civil and military administration and within the church. In theory, they were without family and totally… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Praepositus Sacri Cubiculi —    The grand chamberlain, invariably a eunuch (q.v.), and one of the most powerful civil officials. He administered the emperor s private chambers, imperial receptions, even the imperial estates in Cappadocia (q.v.), using a large staff of… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

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